Here is a list of resources that I hope might be interesting and helpful for you. I am not affiliated with anyone who is listed here but they all inform my views and how I work.

Gender, sexuality and relationship diversity:

Meg-John Barker has some really great resources such as books, zines, talks on youtube etc.

Addiction, trauma and the link between our emotional health and physical health:

A wealth of articles, interviews, audios and videos by Dr Gabor Mate.

The negative impact of culture and society:

Articles and videos by Johann Hari, exploring emotional distress through the biopsychosocial lens.

Shame, vulnerability, being human:

Articles, interviews and blogs by Brene Brown on what it means to be human.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion:

Various resources By Tara Brach for mindfulness, meditations and self-compassion.